Storytime with Pops!

Fall on the Farm: Part 2!

Thursday, October 8, 2020

On this week’s session, we go back to the farm to see more of the harvest. The farmers have been working all week to get the work done.  This week we will check out the cornfield we visited last week, and think about what is going to happen in that field next!

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Thanks for coming!

PLEASE NOTE: We had some connection issues today. If your video stops playing, just move the little scroll bar below the video a bit and it should start playing again!

Pop’s Challenges!

  1. What do the farmers do in the fields after the harvest?

  2. Why do farmers change the crop they plant in a field each year?

  3. What other crops might farmers plant in the field besides just soybeans and corn?

  4. When will the farmers start planting in this field again?

  5. BONUS: Why do farmers pay attention to how “moist” the crops are when they harvest them?

See you next week!

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