Storytime with Pops!

Fall on the Farm: Part 3!

Back to the Cornfield!

On this week’s session, Pops goes back to the cornfield we visited two weeks ago. We’ll see what has changed, what the farmers are doing now, and Pops has a very special Challenge for you!

You can join me for the live Storytime with Pops! session on Thursdays at 10:00 AM CST on Facebook Live, or meet me here anytime and watch the recording of the session and the other activities, including this week’s Pop’s Challenges!

Thanks for coming!

Pop’s Challenge!

If you could have a farm that could grow ANYTHING AT ALL, what would you grow on it? Maybe bicycles, or cars, or pizza…or what else? See if you can create a short story about what it is like to run that farm. How do you plant your “crop”, and how do you “harvest” it?

Have some fun and use your imagination, and if you come up with something I would love to see it! Feel free to post it here or on the Storytime with Pops Facebook page.

See you next week!

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