“The Skwerdlock Certificate of Creativity!”

“For our friends from Storytime LIVE with Pops!/Storytime with Pops LIVE!”

Young Reader and Listener Activities!


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Games and Puzzles!


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Help the Skwerdlock Find the Hidden Words!

Skwerdlock Word Search!

Meet the Skwerdlock Crossword Puzzle!

Find the Cookie Jar!

Help the Skwerdlock Find the Cookie Jar!

Help the Skwerdlock Find His Backpack!

Help the Skwerdlock Find the Cookie Jar!

Help the Skwerdlock Get To Bed!

Connect the Numbers!

Find the Hidden Objects!

Games and Activities!


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Rhyming Words!

Pick a card and see how many other words you can think of that sound the same. There is a version with images for our pre-readers, and one with just words for the others. Use the instrutions I've created...or make up some of your own!

Skwerdlock Scramble!


Take turns making other words out of the letters of the name "Skwerdlock"! Count the points on each letter to get the score for each word. A fun way to practice letter and word recognition, counting and adding, and learning a bunch of new words!

Storytelling and Writing Activities!


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Skwerdlock Table Stories!


Skwerdlock Table Stories is a simple way for your family to share stories, real and imaginary. This game is designed to be played while everyone is sitting at a table, for a meal, or just for some time together. This version of the game is for all ages.

OBTUA Story Creator!


OBTUA is a creature who reminds us how to create really good stories. Stories begin with "Once" something was going on..."But" then there was a problem..."Then" something else happened..."Until" the problem was solved..."And" then the story came to an end.

O-nce,there was an Ogre. B-ut, he got angry and made a deal. T-hen, he had lots of problems. U-ntil, his friends helped him. A-nd then, everyone was happy again.


Some stories might have more than one "Thens"...and that is perfectly Ok!


Use this sheet to help create the pieces of your story. Use your imagination, and as many "Thens" as you want to use!


Have Fun!

Story Dice!

Story Dice is a way to help you imagine ideas for your stories. All you need is a copy of this sheet and one die. If you don't have any dice, just get six little pieces of paper and on one of them write the number "1", on another the number "2", until you have all six numbers on pieces of paper.


You can use the sample Story Dice Game sheet, but you might want to make up one of your own. Just make up the things you want to put in each box...there are no "right" or "wrong" choices. For example, in the "WHO" column, you might change one of the words to "A big orange dragon!", and you might change one of the "WHERE" words to "In the refrigerator!".


Then, for each column, you just throw the die or pick a number paper and write down the word that has that number. For example, if I use the "WHO" column on the Sample Sheet and  roll the die and get a 4, I write down "A boy". I roll again for the second column and get a 5, so I write down "on a bicycle". I roll a 2 for the "What" and a 6 for the "AND THEN" and end up with a story about "A boy, on a bicycle, lost a key, and they heard a voice say..."


And, you can even change the names of the columns. Maybe you change the "WHAT" column to the "DRINK" column and put things in it you might drink. You might get a story like, "An Ogre, on a farm, drank pickle juice, and the lights went out!"


What is the rest of the story???

Create A Character!


You don't have to be a perfect artist to create characters for your stories! You just need your imagination and a copy of a Create A Character Sheet! There is a simple one for younger storytellers, and one with a few more ideas on it for older storytellers. Use whichever one you want to use...or both!


Start by picking out the eyes you like best and draw them on the page. Or, start with the ears, or nose, or mouth...wherever you want to start. Then just pick out the other pieces you like and add them to your drawing. If you want, you could put another piece of paper on top of the sheet and trace the shapes...whatever you want to do.


And remember, some characters might have more than two eyes, or one nose, so just create the character that you see in your imagination!


And, here is a tip for creating your character's name. Why not start with your name, but just write it backwards. For example, if your name is Andy Barker, your character's name might be Ydna Rekrab!


Have fun creating!

From Storytime LIVE with Pops!!


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Create A Comic!


Here is the comic Pops created about "What!", and a page you can print to create your own comics!


Have fun creating!

Paper Horse Races!


Use this template to create your own Paper Horses! Be sure to trim the bottom of the legs a bit to help them move. And, what happens if you make the horses bigger? Do they move faster or slower?


You may have to play with the race track to get it to work just right. You want it to tilt, but not too much!


Have fun creating!

The Skwerdlock Hat!


Use this template to create your own Skwerdlock Hat! Watch the Storytime LIVE Video to see how to make it!


For some extra fun, see if you can cut other designs for the flip-up part of the hat!


Have fun creating!