StoryTime LIVE with Pops! 6 – 30 – 2023 Getting Ready to Create!

I am so glad you came to be with me today! Thank you!

I hope the recording worked okay. There are some Internet problems after yesterday’s big storm, so if things don’t look right that is probably the reason. I hope you are okay there where you are.

As I mentioned, next week we are going to practice drawing the Skwerdlock, so if you have pencils or brushes and paints and would like to practice with me, remember to bring them with you!

You don’t need anything fancy at all…just be ready to have some fun creating!

And remember, if you are going to use watercolor or paints, be sure to have lots of paper towels or something to clean up any spills we might make. Trust me…that is important!

Skwerdlock and I hope to see you next week!